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Welding & Fabrication Facilities at AH Garner

Welding can be a challenging part of the manufacturing process, especially when dealing with hydraulic cylinders, tubular components, and pipes. However, AH Garner is proud to have invested in our own welding and fabrication facilities with dedicated welding engineers on-site.

This allows us to remain competitive and keep turnaround times to a minimum by removing the need to subcontract – whilst maintaining our reputation for unrivalled quality as only qualified AH Garner engineers work on our cylinders.

Many manufacturers perform their welding after skiving and roller burnishing have been carried out, which can result in distortion and imperfections on the finished cylinder. In contrast, by carrying out welding operations beforehand, AH Garner are able to take advantage of the skiving and burnishing processes to remove any distortion from welding – or avoid it altogether. The result is a high-quality cylinder which is aesthetically pleasing and fit for purpose.

Our welding facility includes six new MIG and TIG welding plants which offer better performance, improved quality, more control, user-friendly programmability, less spatter and low energy usage.

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