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Hydraulic Cylinders for Balers and Compactors

Waste balers are widely used to crush recyclable waste – such as paper, soft plastics, and glass – into manageable cubes. Compactors, similarly, are used to make non-recyclable waste easier to dispose of.

Balers and compactors alike utilise hydraulics to drive their crushing mechanisms. The act of crushing waste into sufficiently tight bundles requires a huge amount of pressure. Bearing in mind that repeated operations will be expected of this machinery on a daily bases and over a long period, the hydraulic rams for balers and compactors must be strong, reliable, and durable.

At A.H. Garner, we supply hydraulics for various aspects of compactors and balers, including bin lift systems and the crushing mechanism itself. Our expertise in manufacturing and uncompromising testing standards mean that our hydraulic cylinders are always up the task.

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