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Hydraulic Cylinders for Construction Equipment

A particularly heavy-duty application of our hydraulic cylinders applies to the construction equipment market. This range of machinery makes extensive use of hydraulic cylinders for an array of specific purposes, each of which has its own requirements, but all of which rely considerably on the strength, performance and reliability of their components.

We have supplied hydraulic cylinders, tube assemblies, and associated components to a number of well-known construction equipment manufacturers. With the variety of machinery used in this industry, our cylinders have found their way into many kinds of machine and vehicle:

  • Excavators
  • Loading shovels
  • Dumper trucks
  • Quick hitches
  • Telehandlers

As such high scrutiny is placed upon hydraulics in these applications, AH Garner employ a series of stringent tests to ensure that our cylinders perform to the highest possible standard.

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