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Subcontract Skiving & Roller Burnishing Services within the UK

Perhaps the most popular method of finishing hydraulic cylinders is our skiving and roller burnishing service. By rapidly removing material from the inside of the tube then roller burnishing the surface, this process provides a spectacular finish and eliminates any distortion or imperfections that may occur during welding. It is also far faster than honing, which results in a similar finish but can take up to 20 times longer.

Unique Subcontract Skiving Technology Makes us Different

AH Garner perform all skiving and roller burnishing on a Sierra USA from Sierra Machinery, which is the world’s fastest machine of its type, capable of skiving and roller burnishing an astonishing seven metres per minute in a single pass. This specialist equipment is very scarce in the UK and practically unheard of among subcontractors.

With our standard size tooling, we are capable of skiving and roller burnishing hydraulic tubes with regular diameters of between 50mm-150mm. There are very few manufacturers who provide this service in-house, and even fewer who provide it as a subcontracting service.

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