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Machinery Investment Programme: Hwacheon Hi-Tech 230A YMC

Here at AH Garner, we have invested heavily in our factory machinery and premises over the last three years. As part of this longstanding commitment to growing our company and facilities, we have recently added a new Hwacheon Hi-Tech 230A YMC lathe to our manufacturing array.

This class-leading CNC lathe was only recently released to the UK market and is our first lathe to feature Y-Axis motion, along with a third linear axis to the turning-centre turret enabling rotary cutters to machine across the spindle centreline. The Hwacheon Hi-Tech 230A YMC lathe boasts a number of class-leading attributes, holding the largest cutting area, the largest turn-mill motor, and the largest Y-Axis stroke in class.

Since we took delivery of this machine, we’ve enjoyed a vast improvement in our production capabilities and shortened our lead times by a significant margin. The added capability of the Y-Axis essentially allows the lathe to act as two independent machines in one casing.

By continuously investing in our production facilities, we aim to push our capabilities further, enhance the quality and scope of our products, and work within a broader range of industries than ever before.

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