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Machinery Investment Programme: Everising H 360 HA-NC

AH Garner are delighted to announce the latest investment in our cutting capabilities through the purchase of a new H 360 HA-NC saw from world-leading band saw manufacturer, Everising.

Specialising in medium to large band saws for over 35 years, Everising constantly pushes the boundaries of band saw technology thanks to an intensive R&D program, leading to the production of innovative new products with unrivalled levels of reliability and performance – qualities we are eager to take advantage of at AH Garner.

Recommended for cutting solid and sectional materials, including the toughest alloys on the market, the H-series band saws are recognised for providing exceptionally low running costs without compromising on quality of productivity. The H 360 itself provides a larger slave column for increased rigidity, cutting table-mounted rollers, and a new self-adjusting bed insert that removes the need to change bed plates.

The H 360 band saw has vastly improved our cutting processes, replacing our outdated previous saw and providing quicker, more reliable cuts with improved accuracy and a significantly larger capacity. Improving upon the performance of our previous machines, we’re extremely happy with the results of the Everising H 360 HA-NC, and look forward to leveraging its performance to produce consistently fantastic results.

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